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Cool Linen

While poking around in my fabric collection for something to go with my new skirt, I saw this brown linen and loved it for the color matching with the skirt, and the contrast between the opulent skirt fabric and the humble weave of the linen. This fabric has a fantastic hand, and it retained its […]

Showcasing a Lovely Fabric

The high waisted silhouette has taken hold of my imagination lately. I just finished 2 pairs of high-waisted shorts, followed by this embroidered silk skirt. I bought the fabric at a warehouse sale for a home dec fabric supplier called Pollack Associates. I was there looking for curtain fabric for my dining room, but this […]

Small Embellishment

I’m working on a blouse made from the most fantastic-feeling linen ever. I got it for a good price, and was planning on dyeing it, but decided that the color is right for my purposes. Here is a small embellishment that I put on the back yoke of the blouse. I embroidered it by hand […]

Heavily embroidered fabric for a skirt

Bibliocraft — Book Review

With my already massive collection of crafting books threatening to take over my house, I’m pretty careful about what books I acquire. But when I heard that Jessica Pigza had written a book about crafting and libraries, I had to get a copy! Jessica is a fantastic person, and crafting and libraries are 2 of […]

Quilted Clothing — The Best Thing Ever

I have such a soft spot for quilted clothes! It may be partly an underdog thing. Quilted garments are often unfairly maligned among garment sewists. It’s like, you can’t be a serious hobbyist if you incorporate quilting into your oeuvre. But here I am, serious hobbyist, having just finished a quilted t-shirt. This shirt idea […]

The Meta-Knockoff

Lately I’ve been all distracted and have let my blog fall by the wayside, but I’m still here and I even have a project to show off! A week or so ago, when I was a bit adrift about what to sew, I read this post on Carolyn’s blog about her project using a lace […]

Layers and Layers and Layers

Originally, this textured silk gazar fabric put me in the mind of a cocktail dress. It’s been in my stash for well over a year, but I could never really get my head around making a fancy dress that I might wear once or twice. But recently, I looked at it and thought about what […]

Look, Ma, No Seams!

Several years ago, while shopping at a fancy store, I came across a skirt by the designer Alaia that was beautifully shaped: fitted and flippy all at once. When I took a closer look, I realized that this shape was achieved with no seams, which seemed to me to be nothing short of magic. I […]

Printed Moto Jacket — Revealed!

Tadaa! This will almost certainly be my go-to spring jacket. If spring ever arrives in the eastern United States, that is. For all posts about the making of this jacket, click here.


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