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Dyeing Fabric in a Front-Loading Washing Machine

Yes, Virginia, you can dye fabric in a front loader. I do it all the time. This post documents my method. Please keep in mind that your results may vary. Equipment and supplies: Maytag Neptune front-loading washer. The model I have dates from 2001. A water heater that is set dangerously high Dharma acid dye […]

The Caftan Caravan

Now that I have this awesome caftan, I really need to build a time machine to go back to the 1970’s for a cigarette, a cocktail, and a key party. Or maybe I’ll just watch “The Ice Storm” again. This is actually my second caftan. My first is more of a wintry garment of rayon […]

Striping the Sheers

Here’s my latest make! It’s Vogue 1301, in black silk organza and black nylon lace, lined and trimmed in pink silk twill. It should be great for warm weather socializing. I started with the pattern, then looked in my closet for fabrics that would go with it. My initial thought was to make it with […]

Another Take on the Hummingbird Leotard

Summer is really sapping my blogging energy! I try to blog about most of my projects, because it helps me remember what I made, what patterns I used, etc. But, at this point, there’s a bit of a backlog. The leotard from this post is less-than-ideal fit wise. I copied an existing leotard, and apparently […]

An Addition to the Flock

My daughter is going to gymnastics camp this summer for a whole week, so she will need a couple more leotards. She wanted a purple leo with a hummingbird, so I worked this one in reverse applique. The ground fabric is a sparkle stretch, and the bird is a stretch velour. For the pattern, I […]

Put a Bird on It

I did not mean to use this Portlandia episode as my personal sartorial and decorating mantra, but it happened anyway. As I was finishing up this coat, with birds on it, I realized that I just wallpapered my dining with, you guessed it, birds. So I figured I would photograph the coat in the dining […]

Me Made May 2014 Wrap-Up

If you’re a longtime reader, you know that I never miss a Me-Made-May. I have so much fun with the MMM Flickr group every year, and this year has been no exception. The group is like a little party of supportive, accomplished friends to meet up with for a few minutes every day. If you […]

Flattr Me

You may notice a new icon at the end of this post for Flattr.  What is Flattr, you ask?  Have you ever experienced web content that was really great?  A piece of writing, a photo, a video, whatever, that made you want to thank the creator in a more meaningful way than clicking “like”?  Well, […]

Wrapping the Shirt

While trolling in my fabric collection for my next project, I came across this shirting that I originally bought think I would make a menswear-styled shirt. Then when I thought a bit, I realized that something a little more feminine might be nice. I looked through my patterns and came across this nice summery Vogue […]

Well-Placed Accents

This dress is finished just in time for the warm weather in the northeastern US this week! The fabric started out the lime green color, then I tie-dyed it blue, leaving some lime green as an embellishment. I like the way it turned out.


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