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Wearable Blanket

Originally, I planned on making a fairly normal striped dress with this fabric, but then the other night when I could not sleep, I changed my mind and made it with offset stripes. I think I like it. The fabric is a Pendleton wool from the store Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley, CA. For those […]

Wool Crepe Cake

I have now christened 2013 The Year Of Cake. This follows hot on the heels of my posthumously christened 2012, The Year Of Frosting. In case you have not been reading many sewing blogs lately, please check Clio’s explanation of her Frosting Diet. I found this fabric in my attic when I was getting the […]

Evening Coat — Fabric

With just about every project, someone asks in the comments about the fabric I used. I figured, since coat progress is slow, that I would answer that question now, before it is asked. The light-colored fabric is a silk duchesse satin that I got for a good price in the remnant bins at London Textiles […]

Hurricane Dress

As the owners of one of very few houses in my vicinity with electricity, my family and I have been busy this week. However, I did occasionally manage to steal away from our constant company to work on a new dress. I love, love, love this fabric. It’s a novelty fabric that alternates white and […]

Fabric Thrill

The fabric that I’m working with now totally thrills me. It’s a boucle, but it’s woven with strips of seemingly random stuff rather than just regular wool fibers. I took a swatch apart in the photo above to show what’s woven into it. Here’s what it consists of: 1. Sparkly ombre thread with poufy stuff […]

New York City Shopping Day 9/17

My lovely friend Elizabeth at Sewn Blog has planned a great day out for fabric shopping in New York on September 17th. I will be there, and we would love for you to join us. This event was originally scheduled for August 28, but since the city was evacuated that day, September 17th is the […]


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