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Heavily embroidered fabric for a skirt

3 Shades of Menswear

My current project, made of wool suiting

Broderie Anglaise in Progress

The back bodice on the dress that I’m draping.

Dude, What Next ?!?!

A week after the superstorm, hundreds of thousands of people with no power, fallen trees everywhere, and now, SNOW. Seriously, what’s next for the northeastern United States? Plague of frogs?

To Make For Spring: Full-Skirted Grey Dress

One look from the spring 2013 collections that has captured my imagination is the full-skirted grey dress. I love the feeling of lots of fabric swirling around my legs as I walk. And I have some neon green 4-ply silk and some grey dye to configure the inputs for this dress! All images from

Some Quick Knitwear

The uniform of the American suburban housewife in 2012 can be accurately described using one completely nonsensical word: Lululemon. Even though I don’t wear workout wear, well, ever, I can’t help but be intimately familiar with their entire line. Why, you ask? Because every single person I ever talk to is wearing it. It could […]

Labor of Love

My husband’s favorite shorts are in just pitiful shape at the moment. He cannot seem to find any other shorts that compare, so he asked me if I would copy them for him. Since he almost never asks me to make him anything, I could not very well refuse him. From the outside, these shorts […]

MPB Day This Saturday

If you’re in the New York area this weekend and you’re looking for something fun to do, why not check out MPB Day? The incomparable Peter of Male Pattern Boldness is hosting another museum / fabric shopping day! I went to last year’s, and it was a total blast. It’s just so much fun to […]

To My Friends on Blogger

If you have a Blogger blog, please be aware that I am having problems posting comments on your blog using my WordPress credentials. The word verification just won’t go through. For those blogs that allow anonymous comments, I can comment as anonymous and leave a link to my blog at the end. Does everyone on […]

Movie Recommendation

The movie Made in Dagenham has great clothes, wonderful characters, and a fascinating plot. It is set in the 60′s in England, and every outfit is just perfect. There’s even a Cinderella magic dress moment near the end. The movie did not get much press here in the US. I got it from Netflix and […]


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